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We are a leading, innovative full-service project and construction management company focused on serving the hi-tech regulated market sectors. Our proprietary approach reduces the time-from-inception-to-build by 40% and guarantees the best outcome for your project.

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Our clients span different roles and sectors, and have a diverse range of needs. Click on the scenarios below to discover some of the situations in which we have been an added value service provider.





Real Estate Broker

Project Manager


Scenario: A displaced biotech scientist/innovator seeks a place to conduct research, efficiently and effectively.

Understanding the science and financial restraints of a start-up / emerging company is where PROTECS excels. We know how to deliver a facility that performs, conforms and meets your financial objectives.

In addition, PROTECS owns and operates several Innovation Centers, which provide growing companies with independent laboratory and office space and shared common areas to facilitate collaboration—empowering emerging biotech companies like yours to conduct R&D in a way that makes maximum use of capital dollars and compresses time-to-innovation.

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Scenario: A Director of Finance, Operations, Facilities or HR has been appointed by senior management to lead a project expansion and / or relocation of the company’s operations—but has limited or no prior experience in leading this type of project effort.

By hiring PROTECS as your strategic partner / design-builder, we can act as an extension of your organization and guarantee performance, compliance, cost and timeline adherence at an early phase of project.

This will enable you to gain project buy-in and capital approval from senior management, all the while allowing you to focus on maintaining your current operations and job responsibilities—even though you will still be integrally involved in all project details and decisions.

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Scenario: A landlord has had a high-tech tenant vacate their building or campus, and needs to understand the value of the residual infrastructure left behind in order to leverage and positon their buildings in the marketplace, to maximize rents in the shortest timeframe.

PROTECS’ high-tech real estate expertise can quickly assess your property’s market value and recommend adaptive re-use strategies that will yield targeted interest and activity.

This will enable you to obtain lease or sales agreements at maximum value, in an accelerated time frame, and create a win-win scenario for both you and your tenants.

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Real Estate Broker.

Scenario: A real estate broker has a high-tech client with unique infrastructure / utility requirements that is looking for lease space to locate their growing operations.

With PROTECS’ Master Planning services, you can gain a complete understanding of your client’s square footage and site utility infrastructure requirements—before your site evaluations even begin.

This will enable you to align your real estate search with the client’s realistic business and budgetary objectives, to streamline the site selection process and therefore accelerate the time to lease execution.

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Project Manager.

Scenario: A Project Manager/Owner Representative firm has been hired by a client to fully deliver their new Center of Excellence facility within a specific capital budget and timeframe.

Whether PROTECS is hired as a Design / Builder or in a Design-Assist/Preconstruction capacity, we can collaboratively and effectively drive the project to meet all of its intended strategic objectives with regard to performance, conformance, compliance, cost and time to market.

Ultimately, we believe that our goal is to be part of a project team that successfully delivers a project for the intended client that yields repeat business or a strong recommendation for all parties involved.

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