Target Costing® for the Ultimate in Cost Containment and Budget Control

What if you could better predict the outcome of your project and minimize your risks, while maximize your capital investment at the on-set of the project? With Target Costing®, you can. As the only project delivery company to leverage its proven budget control methodology, PROTECS has cost containment down to a science.

With our proprietary Target Costing® approach, we are able to define a realistic budget at the beginning of each project—ideally before site selection or conceptual design even begins.

We do so by first identifying critical performance, conformance, aesthetic, project timeline and business objectives, as well as understanding your cost sensitivities in relation to short- and long-term project goals.

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We Focus on Feasibility First

What are the critical performance factors that your space must uphold? What is your anticipated business horizon and plan to scale? Are you first cost sensitive or more concerned about ongoing operating cost exposure? What level of operational risk are you able to tolerate?

These factors all impact cost and construction approaches, and we work collaboratively with our clients and best class A/E professionals to balance needs and wants with budgetary realities, to ensure you’re never left with an unaffordable or unrealistic plan.

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Guaranteed to Give You the Best Team at the Best Price

Our Leveraged Design-Build™ model for partnering not only ensures that we can secure the highest quality services and equipment at the most cost-effective price, but also fosters strong collaboration across all team members, working in tandem toward a well-defined common goal.

In fact, we are not only confident in our ability to create a space that satisfies your performance and conformance requirements while containing costs—we guarantee it.

It’s Never Too Early for Target Costing®

The decisions made in the early phases of a project will directly impact the financial and operational viability of that space in the long-term. As you can see, the greatest opportunity to impact project costs is at the beginning, during master planning and conceptual development.

Tell us more about your project needs to get the Target Costing® process kicked off today.

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Working Together to Support Your Scenario

Whether you are renovating, expanding, or relocating your operations to meet your growth and strategic objectives, PROTECS can help ensure on time and on budget project delivery.

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In our evolved model of project delivery, early collaboration is the key to success. Bring us in as close to project inception as possible to fully capitalize on all the cost and time benefits enabled by our Leveraged Design-Build™ approach and Target Costing® system.

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