Effectively and Efficiently Meet your Clients’ Goals and Strategic Objectives

Using our efficiency-driven approach of Leveraged Design-Build™, PROTECS works collaboratively with Architectural and Engineering professionals to not only ensure the design objectives are met, but to ensure that the feasibility, constructability and cost objectives are met—providing focus for the project team and ensuring the seamless execution of the client’s vision.

By continuously pressure testing design approaches throughout the design development phases of the project, PROTECS helps guide a design that satisfies all the above demands. The highly specialized architectural feats of laboratories, fabs and cleanrooms come with new technical challenges and even greater performance demands. When you lack full visibility into these distinct requirements, and their associated budgets variances, it is all but impossible to deliver a design that will meet all of your clients objectives.

Founded upon the principle to work collaboratively with architects and engineers in either a preconstruction, design assist or design-build role to serve the complex requirements of compliance-driven industries, we establish a feasible and fully-vetted shared vision from the earliest stages of the project lifecycle.

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Are You Tired of Being the Punching Bag for the Project and Having to Defend Yourself from Finger Pointing?

Through PROTECS Leveraged Design-Build™ approach, we view the architects, engineers and client as a team of professionals all working toward the common goal. There are always going to be oversights and inaccuracies in design documents, as no client can afford the cost or time it would require to provide a perfect design. It is our culture not to look for blame, but to collectively find the solution that will yield the least amount of additional cost and time impact to the project.

In this delivery method, PROTECS is the ultimate point of accountability to our clients and also carries substantial professional liability insurance.

Eliminate Frustrations with Transparent Collaboration

At PROTECS, we know that design and construction must be seamless and in sync. We serve as a single point of accountability throughout the project lifecycle, and collaborate closely with and among A/E’s, subcontractors and vendors to develop our shared vision together.

As your partner, we are committed to achieving new levels of speed, efficiency, and quality to benefit your business, and your clients.

Learn how you can join our valued partner network, or share with us your latest project needs, to see how we can help.

design-build collaboration

Collaboration to Drive Design Success

Learn how our master planning services unify architects, engineers, and construction groups around the client’s true objectives, arming your with the functional parameters you need for test-fit success.

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target costing

Design Efficiently to a Targeted Cost

Through our patented Target Costing® approach, we eliminate time-consuming value engineering cycles to further client satisfaction—ensuring from the start that your design will meet their realistic performance, conformance, and budgetary requirements.

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