PROTECS Master Planning
Success Starts with a Plan


Prepare for Success at Project Inception

Your greatest ability to reduce risk is in the master planning phase. Let PROTECS develop your roadmap to a successful test-fit and tenancy.

Oftentimes, developers and brokers find themselves retro-fitting a selected space to meet their client’s demands. This approach can lead to wasted square footage, costly re-engineering, and expanding operating costs for the tenant. Through master planning, PROTECS offers a better, faster way to find the optimal facility for you or your client.

By defining project parameters before site selection, we are able to align expectations with infrastructure needs early, virtually eliminating wasted time, money, and associated risk along the way.

Why Do I Need Master Planning?

As the launching point preceding all phases of project development, the master plan solidifies comprehensive project requirements like capacity, functionality, redundancy, cleanliness, utility, dimensional parameters, ability to grow, and more—in the absence of any pre-existing site requirements and expectations.

Translating Client Goals
into Facility Requirements

We start by understanding the totality of the client’s long-term vision, then align this vision with the client’s budget—ensuring the feasible and efficient delivery of a project that will perform today, and accommodate tomorrow’s growth.

Instead of starting with the site and working backwards to ‘fit a square peg in a round hole’, the master plan provides the parameters with which to select a facility that already has the infrastructure in place to support the tenant’s immediate, near- and long-term performance requirements and business horizon.

Optimizing Master Plan Success

The master plan, or test-fit, is a critically important phase for broker, tenant, and landlord, as success here almost always leads to a signed lease. Using the developed master plan, you can identify early on which sites are most likely to support a successful test-fit, and in turn speed the time to an executed Letter of Intent.

Planning that Pays off in a Win-Win-Win

Master planning not only aligns a business’ objectives with site requirements, but the interests of all parties involved in the process.

Brokers are able to bring their deal to fruition faster with an optimal site solution to support their client’s needs. Landlords can reduce time-to-occupancy with a tenant most qualified for their space. And tenants can become operational faster, through our accelerated and risk mitigating project delivery model.

Through master planning, PROTECS is able to reduce time to build by 40% from industry averages.

master planning infographic

Armed with a master plan, you can then objectively assess and identify the right site for your client’s business: one that achieves all critical performance objectives, and mitigates excess overhead.

Is Master Planning Only for Specialized Spaces?

While master planning is particularly beneficial when dealing with highly complex and regulated environments, such as those in pharma and biotech, semiconductor, and nanotechnology/MEMs, the same degree of time and cost savings can be derived for any type of construction—including those in need of industrial, hospitality, office, medical, and retail spaces.

Don’t wait—create your master plan today.

When it comes to a master plan, or test-fit, the earlier we can collaborate on client needs, the more opportunity we have to find your optimal space, faster. Tell us about your project today.

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