Know Your Space will Perform and Conform without Cost or Time Tradeoffs

We understand that your business model is dynamic and constantly evolving, and that your project delivery model needs to keep pace. We’ve eliminated the risk and headaches that arise for tenants in traditional project delivery approaches, with an evolved solution that guarantees conformance, performance and cost containment from project inception.

While our Target Costing® and Leveraged Design-Build™ approaches originally evolved from a need to better serve the complex and compliance-driven project demands of sectors like pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, specialty chemical, semiconductor, and nanotechnology / MEMs, the same time and cost saving benefits can be derived for any type of construction, including those in need of industrial, hospitality, office, and retail spaces.

High-Tech & Life Sciences Tenants: Accelerate Time-To-Innovation

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You are an innovator / entrepreneur, but your ability to innovate hinges upon securing a work environment that achieves the performance you need—at a cost you can afford.

Whether you are renovating, expanding or relocating your operations due to business demands, we understand the challenges and obstacles you will face to achieve your project goals. Beginning with a master plan and/or conceptual design, we gain a critical understanding of your long-term vision and business horizon objectives—then we can preliminarily program all the required project parameters that will expedite the real estate professionals’ efforts to efficiently identify the best real estate assets that fit your operational requirements, validated through our site due diligence and test-fit efforts.

After a site has been selected and secured, PROTECS, with its professional partners, can take your vision and make it a reality. We will do so by preparing a comprehensive equipment matrix, efficient facility layout with compliant flows, a basis of system criteria for all support and building utility systems, schematic design documentation, a compliance strategy, a competitive Guaranteed Maximum Price ($GMP), and a milestone project delivery schedule customized for your project. All this occurs at the early phase of design and gives you clear vision of all your project parameters to mitigate risks, maximize capital investment and eliminate surprises.

Once the build phase is complete, we’ll oversee commissioning and validation, seamlessly navigating the transition from project build to project operation with guaranteed facility conformance.

Never let project risk or complexity bog down your ability to deliver critical innovations—make sure your project delivery partner can keep up.

Office & Retail Tenants: Your Space, On Your Terms

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Whether unused square footage or a suboptimal configuration, office or retail space always seems to come with a tradeoff. What if you could secure a space for your business that was perfectly aligned with your business requirements? No waste, no tradeoffs. With PROTECS, you can.

PROTECS works with tenants to develop a comprehensive understanding of their operational requirements before site evaluation and selection have even begun. We start by working with our clients’ leadership team to identify the required strategic objectives and goals, coupled with the long-term vision for the business. It is from this launch point that we then define the comprehensive requirements for square footage, capacity, functionality, and compliance, giving us the ability to establish a budget and project timeline.

Starting site selection with a master plan captures a critical chance to mitigate wasted overhead, and ultimately, ensures that the potential sites reviewed and ultimate site selected is best-suited to your business. In fact, by applying our differentiated Leveraged Design-Build™ approach, we will guarantee that your environment is built to support your critical goals, and delivered on time and in budget.

We can do this by harnessing our robust design, engineering and subcontractor network to leverage the market to qualify the ideal team for your job—at the very best price. You’ll benefit from transparent collaboration between an “A” team of partners, all unified in their objective to create a space optimized to your needs.

Don’t settle for an approach that exposes you to spiraling costs, frustrating value engineering cycles, and suboptimal results—choose the evolved model of project delivery by PROTECS instead.

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An Evolved Model for Evolved Needs

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Cost Containment, Down to a Science

Through our patented Target Costing® approach, we eliminate costly re-engineering cycles—and your risk—by ensuring from the start that your space will perform and conform within your real budgetary requirements.

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