PROTECS Design-Assist & Preconstruction Advisory
The Earlier the Better


The Engineering Expertise to Ensure Constructability

The most significant point of impact for project performance, maintenance, and operating and capital costs occurs before design has commenced—at the point of project inception.

There is no such thing as too early.

Informed by an outstanding track record of successful projects in even the most complex high-tech and life sciences sectors, PROTECS helps our clients discern essential project requirements at project inception by understanding their unique business drivers, objectives, constraints and targeted time-to-market.

Why PROTECS for Design-Assist?

Construction projects are complex endeavors that can ultimately impact the future success of a company, so it is critical to have a knowledgeable construction management resource with engineering know-how involved from the very beginning. By doing so, our clients save time and money, mitigate risk and eliminate surprises.

Collaboration to Create Alignment

Early alignment of the project team is a critical determinant to project success. We work collaboratively with owners, architects, engineers, consultants and construction managers to gather input, achieve alignment around project goals, ensure project continuity, and identify ownership amongst the project team.

Ensure Performance, Conformance,
and Cost Containment from the Start

Leverage PROTECS’ Design-Assist services and expertise in compliance-driven spaces to gain the specialized knowledge needed to efficiently create a space tailored to your unique requirements.

Our early involvement services guide our clients through site selection, test-fit analysis, and cost estimating analysis. It is at the conceptual phase of the project where the greatest impact on facilities performance, maintenance considerations, and first and operating capital costs can be realized.

Design-Assist to Your “Targeted Cost”

PROTECS’ patented Target Costing® approach to Design-Assist ensures that your project is never developed in a cost vacuum. We evaluate your process and budgetary needs first, and work backwards from those requirements to develop a budget that achieves your goals while respecting your limitations.

Through this process, we are able to virtually eliminate costly re-engineering cycles and change orders, ensuring that no time or money is spent developing a project that is not feasible for your organization—or your budget.

PROTECS is able to provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price ($GMP) at schematic design – for 1% of the cost.

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The decisions you make at project inception can have big implications well into the future of your project, and your organization. PROTECS helps you make sure they are the right ones.

It’s never too early to talk to us.

In our innovative Design-Assist approach, the earlier we can collaborate together on your project, the more opportunity we have to your optimize cost savings. Tell us about your need today.

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