Bring Your Deals to Fruition Faster, Without Risk

Our patented and proven project delivery model helps Real Estate brokers align their site selection efforts with their client’s true business objectives—to accelerate time toward a successful lease execution.

The privatization of innovation has resulted in great demand for real estate expertise amongst emerging growth innovators in sectors like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and contract service organizations. Capitalizing on this demand represents a significant and lucrative opportunity for your business, but these complex and compliance-driven sectors carry with them new intricacies and risk.

As project delivery experts driven to serve complex and compliance-driven requirements, we provide brokers the specialized knowledge and tools they need to fully capitalize on opportunities and better serve their clients in high-tech and life sciences—without the risk.

In addition, we apply our project approach to traditional interior fit-out projects including, office interiors, medical office buildings (MOBs), retail and hospitality environments.

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Develop a Plan to Eliminate Your Exposure

Rely on PROTECS’ deep expertise in scientific and office environments to supplement your real estate knowledge and de-risk your position in complex, highly technical engagements. We understand all the operational and regulatory factors that you must address, and can help you develop a roadmap to do so effectively.

Beginning with a master plan, and test-fit, we work with brokers and their clients to gain a critical understanding of the client’s long-term vision and business objectives, then use this vision to define comprehensive project requirements like capacity, functionality, redundancy, cleanliness and purity, ability to grow, square footage and more$mdash;while also providing project cost information that will be critical to gauge against any potential site being considered.

This master plan becomes the touchstone for site evaluation and selection, empowering you to quickly and efficiently identify the right space for your client and narrow down the number of perspective sites, by having all of the right specifications.

Accelerate Test-Fit Success—and Time-to-Occupancy

When site selection has been guided by a master plan, your test-fit will go more smoothly, accelerating lease negotiations and occupancy date. You will also have a satisfied customer, whose cost, performance, and conformance requirements have all been met to speed their own time-to-innovation.

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Leverage Our Specialized Expertise for Your Specialized Space

We actively collaborate with brokers to help them navigate complex performance, safety and conformance requirements for their high-tech clients, removing risk from their equation by ensuring specialty demands can be met.

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informed by the eyes of experience

Informed by the Eyes of Experience

Our dynamic team of engineering-degreed professionals has completed projects valued at over $5 billion. Meet the leaders who, informed by the eyes of experience, are driving new levels of project speed and efficiency.

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