PROTECS Leveraged Design-Build™
Guaranteed to Save Time, Mitigate Risk, and Conserve Capital


Project Delivery at the Pace of Innovation

That was the driving force behind the development of our evolved model of Leveraged Design-Build™.

Seeing the demands and environments of our high-tech, highly innovative customers changing rapidly, we knew that traditional, time- and cost-intensive Design-Bid-Build and Integrated Design-Build approaches were no longer viable options to meet their needs.

In contrast to these outdated models, PROTECS’ evolved and patented approach to project delivery represents the ultimate in efficiency, risk mitigation, and cost containment for clients in any industry.

Why Use Leveraged Design-Build™?

If your organization has limited internal resources or experience to manage a capital project, chose PROTECS to act as an extension of your organization and be the single point of accountability between all parties, providing full transparency for all costs and competitive bids for soft and hard costs. In this new breed of project leadership, PROTECS shoulders the risk of cost, performance and conformance—all while maximizing competitive bidding throughout the project lifecycle.

Value Engineering in Real-Time –
NOT in a Cost Vacuum

PROTECS’ patented Target Costing® methodology is core to the effectiveness of our Leveraged Design-Build™ approach. Before design ever commences, we discuss your facility performance and aesthetic goals – needs, wants, wish list items – as well as your budgetary demands and business horizon.

Armed with this knowledge up front, we work collaboratively with the best A/E firm for the job to tailor a design plan that is fully optimized to your space demands and cost requirements, and ensure that no time is spent developing a project that exceeds your budget.

The Best Team at the Best Cost –

Drawing from our robust and specialized network, we call on the right A/E firms, subcontractors, equipment vendors, and commissioning and qualification consultants to align the project team’s specialty with your unique business requirements.

As a result, we are able to reduce materials, equipment and labor costs by up to 20%, and maximize competitive bidding on 90% of project costs. Our extensive bidding process allows us to guarantee a maximum price up front, and our leveraged approach offers the client additive professional liability insurance along the value chain.

Your Single Point of Contact –
in a Highly Collaborative Project Process

Leveraged Design-Build™ frees you from management complexity and the growing burden of risk, shifting responsibility where it belongs: on PROTECS as the project delivery experts.

We act as your single point of contact throughout the entire project lifecycle, collaborating closely with owners and our outsourced partners at every step to unify all parties under the same objectives, and facilitate a highly efficient and focused design and construction process.

Leveraged Design-Build™ reduces the time to project completion by 40%.

master planning infographic

We start early in the Leveraged Design-Build™ model. Working diligently to align functional, aesthetic and budgetary parameters from project inception, we ensure that design follows function and cost parameters to eliminate the need for expensive re-engineering cycles and time overruns.

Is Leveraged Design-Build™
Right for My Project?

Anyone looking to eliminate the risk of spiraling costs, reduce time to build by up to 40%, and guarantee building systems performance and facility conformance should leverage PROTECS and our evolved approach. Even if you have already started the design process, it is never too late to take advantage of our strategic processes.

It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Us

In Leveraged Design-Build™, the earlier we can collaborate together on your project, the more opportunity we have to your optimize cost savings. Tell us about your need today.

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