Driving the Delivery of Mission-Critical Projects

Redundancy belongs in your mission-critical facilities and data centers, not in your project delivery process. Our high-efficiency model eliminates duplicated efforts, streamlines project delivery and provides our customers with the specialized knowledge they need to navigate the complex issues associated with constructing a mission-critical facility.

We understand the pressures to have 24/7 uptime and reliability to meet you and your clients demands is priority number 1, while delivering a facility at a competitive cost model that will make you successful in the marketplace. As project efficiency experts with deep experience across sectors, we deliver data centers and network operations facilities across a multitude of industries that require continuous service and data protection.

From creating a net-new facility, to upgrading an existing one, we accommodate data center and mission-critical projects of all shapes and sizes.


What Do We Bring to Data Centers & Mission-Critical Facilities?

Unlocking Efficiencies for Unprecedented Speed

PROTECS’ Leveraged Project-Delivery™ unlocks parallel efficiencies between design and construction from project inception, empowering our data center and mission-critical projects to reach operation up to 40% faster than traditional industry averages.

A Collaborative Approach, A Common Mission

Our highly leveraged model for partnering with A/E’s, subcontractors and vendors ensures that we can secure the highest quality services and equipment at the most cost-effective price—while aligning all partners around a common mission.

Securing Performance from Project Inception

Our process solidifies comprehensive project requirements—including performance specifications and operating costs—before detailed project parameters have been established. As a result, we’ll design, build and deliver an end product that is ready-to-perform.

Guaranteed Cost and Performance, Without Compromise

Through our Leveraged Project Delivery™ process, we are able to provide a guaranteed maximum price very early in a project life cycle; guaranteed performance of all building systems; and guaranteed facility conformance to all applicable regulations—virtually eliminating the risk of costly change orders and time overruns.

Your facilities are mission-critical—make sure that your partner delivers project excellence with no compromises. Learn more about Leveraged Project Delivery™.

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Plan Early for Design Success

Learn how our master planning services enable us to identify the realistic business, facility, and budgetary requirements at project inception, to ensure feasibility and constructability of your design from the start.

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It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Us

In Leveraged Design-Build™, the earlier we can collaborate on your project, the more opportunity we have to optimize your time and cost savings. Tell us about your needs today, and we’ll get moving fast.

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