Project Delivery, Empowering Breakthrough

You support the development of life-changing breakthroughs, and your facility is a critical driver of your ability to deliver results. Our evolved model for full service project delivery is tailor made to serve contract service organizations by creating spaces that empower them to perform efficiently and reliably for their customersat a competitive cost. The external pressures on contract service organizations to be held to highest standards of compliance buy yet design, build and validate a facility that is cost effective and competitive to their competition, is imperative for their success.

PROTECS understands these strategic objectives and has a patented approach for Target CostingTM your project to meet and exceed your goals. As project delivery experts founded to serve the needs of compliance-driven sectors, we are experienced at navigating the unique performance and regulatory complexities of contract services facilities. We deliver comprehensive solutions for capital projects for our contract pharmaceutical clients that exceed expectations with unmatched speed, cost containment and quality.

From research, to manufacturing, packaging and warehousing facilities, we deliver projects for contract service organizations of all shapes and sizes to keep them ahead of their competition and the marketplace.


What Do We Bring to Contract Services?

A Breakthrough Approach for Breakthrough Operations

PROTECS’ Leveraged Design-Build™ unlocks parallel efficiencies between design and construction from project inception, empowering contract service organizations to dramatically compress their time-to-occupancy—and therefore time-to-results—by up to 40% from industry averages.

Optimizing the Relationship Between Capacity and Cost

We understand the complex relationship between capacity demands and cost containment. Our approach solidifies comprehensive project requirements—including capacity demands and operating costs—before project parameters have been established.

Meeting Regulatory Demands from Project Inception

Our unique process begins at project inception, and remains ever-present through site selection, design, construction, commissioning and validation. We deliver compliant, sterile spaces that conform and perform—making commissioning and validation a seamless progression of the build phase.

Removing Risk from the Equation

Through our Leveraged Design-Build™ process, we are able to provide a guaranteed maximum price very early on in the project life cycle; guaranteed performance of all building systems; and guaranteed facility conformance to local, state and FDA regulations—virtually removing risk from the project equation or, at a minimum, shifting it off our clients.

Your research enables life-changing breakthroughs – make sure your project delivery partner is aligned with your mission. Learn more about Leveraged Design-Build™.


PROTECS Innovation Centers™: Giving Innovation Room to Grow

Designed to help growing contract pharma operations access their own high-end laboratory and office space in a cost-effective model that includes shared common amenities, PROTECS Innovation Centers are specialized facilities with the infrastructure to efficiency and effectively support pharmaceutical research.

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target costing

Cost Containment, Down to a Science

Through our patented Target Costing® approach, we eliminate costly re-engineering cycles—and your risk—by ensuring from the start that your space will perform and conform with your requirements.

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It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Us

In Leveraged Design-Build™, the earlier we can collaborate on your project, the more opportunity we have to optimize your time and cost savings. Tell us about your needs today, and we’ll get moving fast.

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