A High-Precision Approach to Project Delivery

Your facility is the ultimate tool that will determine your ability to perform. Your state of the art process requirements are delicate, your specifications complex, and your cost of failure high. Our evolved model for full service project delivery empowers our clients in semiconductor manufacturing to get up-and-running quickly.

As project delivery experts specialized in the demands of semiconductor manufacturing, we know our way around a fab and are experienced at delivering comprehensive solutions for our semiconductor clients with unprecedented speed, safety, efficiency and attention to detail.

From new fab construction, to expansions, renovations, and tool installations, we deliver semiconductor projects of every variety and size.


What Do We Bring to Semiconductor?

A High-Efficiency Approach to Semiconductor Projects

PROTECS’ Leveraged Design-Build™ unlocks parallel efficiencies between design and construction from project inception. With the ability to reduce time-to-occupation by up to 40% from industry averages, our approach is essential for our compound and silicon substrate based semiconductor clients to win the race to market.

Extensive Technical Knowledge, Detailed Project Delivery

Our expertise in handling spec and bulk gas delivery systems for inert, flammable and toxic gases, and solvents, acids and bases is second to none. We pair this rich sector knowledge with a detailed approach that specifies comprehensive project requirements at the earliest stages of design—ensuring that your manufacturing operation or cleanroom comes out of the gate ready to perform.

From Project Inception to Full Operation

Our approach to conformance and safety begins at project inception, and remains present through site selection, design, construction, tool installation, and commissioning. We deliver high quality, purpose-driven spaces that conform and perform—making occupancy, tool installation, and start-up a seamless progression of the build phase.

Guaranteed Performance, Conformance and Cost

Through our Leveraged Design-Build™ process, we are able to provide a guaranteed maximum price very early in a project life cycle; guaranteed performance of all building systems; and guaranteed facility conformance to all applicable regulations—virtually eliminating the risk of costly change orders and time overruns.

Your requirements are among the most sensititve, complex and critical—make sure that your project delivery partner has delivered for semiconductor before. Learn more about Leveraged Design-Build™.

commissioning and validation

Assuring Performance Readiness

Find confidence in knowing that your compliance standards have been carefully considered from project inception, and that commissioning and validation will not delay your time-to-innovation.

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In Leveraged Design-Build™, the earlier we can collaborate on your project, the more opportunity we have to optimize your time and cost savings. Tell us about your needs today, and we’ll get moving fast.

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