Evolved Demands Call for Evolved Solutions

PROTECS recognized early that to meet ever-rising demands for project speed and cost effectiveness, an evolved approach to project delivery was necessary.

When looking at the needs of our high-innovation customers in life sciences, particularly pharma and biotech, their business models are changing as rapidly as the performance requirements for the facilities in which they are conducting their operations.

We know that traditional Design-Bid-Build and Integrated Design-Build approaches are no longer the most successful options to meet their needs. These project delivery models often overrun budgets and timelines, and are not transparent and collaborative. Comparatively, PROTECS leveraged design/build approach lessens the burden and risk to owners, brokers, tenants and landlords.

Our evolved delivery model has been validated through consistent project successes and repeat business from our clients.


A Model by Innovators, for Innovators

PROTECS’ Leveraged Design-Build™ unlocks parallel efficiencies between design and construction, empowering clients to dramatically compress their time-to-occupancy—and therefore time-to-innovation.

We do so by evaluating critical business parameters before design even commences, including systems requirements, cost sensitivities, regulatory demands, and business horizons. This allows us to ensure both constructability and the design’s feasibility to work within set budget and timeline realities.

guaranteed results

Eliminating Risk with Guaranteed Results

By aligning with our client’s strategic objectives and functional requirements from project inception, Leveraged Design-Build™ is the only project delivery approach to afford early knowledge of firm costs, uphold mutual design and functional excellence, and virtually eliminate time consuming value-engineering cycles and costly change orders.

Through this approach, PROTECS is able to provide a guaranteed maximum price ($GMP); guaranteed performance of all building systems; and guaranteed facility conformance to local, state and FDA regulations at the conceptual phase of the project development.

specialty expertise

Specialty Expertise is Always on Tap

Core to our leveraged model is our ability to draw from a robust and specialized network of architects and engineers, subcontractors, and commissioning agents to construct an “A” team with the right expertise to support your specific project requirements. Although PROTECS acts as your single point of accountability, we ensure you have principal involvement from every partner as part of our transparent, collaborative process.

We are able to maximize competitive bidding on 90% of project costs, and reduce materials, equipment and labor costs by up to 20%. It also affords our customers additive professional liability insurance for further risk mitigation.

Design-Bid-Build vs. “Integrated” Design-Build (IDB) vs. Leveraged Design-Build™

Design-Bid-Build Integrated Design-Build (IDB) Leveraged Design-Build™
Designed in a cost vacuum separate from construction realities; design documents are 70-90% complete before bidding begins; bids prove too high and value engineering cycles are needed to redesign and rebid. Design is less objective; initial design approach typically proves unrealistic and leads to contention between competing cultures of the in-house engineers and builders. The overall project is one profit center for the company. Known for using contingency to cover team costs not project costs. Design is tailored to a “Targeted Cost” in collaboration with independent A/E firms; based on business objectives and functional facility requirements, design target costed in real-time; competitive bidding is maximized. Independent cost control between collaborative team.
Client works directly with A/E firm; no initial collaboration between A/E and construction group to align objectives. Owner is arbiter of all disputes and center of communication. Client works with single firm for design and build; not necessarily getting the right team for the project and there is usually little principal involvement. Client works with PROTECS as single point of accountability, but works collaboratively with all vendors to establish unified goals at project inception; principal involvement from every partner in process.
of Process
High Low Very High
Guarantees Standard of Care Standard of Care & Standard of Performance Standard of Care & Standard of Performance

In contrast to traditional, outdated models, PROTECS’ evolved and patented approach to project delivery optimizes efficiency, risk mitigation, and cost containment for clients in any industry.

Learn how PROTECS’ Leveraged Design-Build™ can deliver for your project.

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target costing

Cost Containment, Down to a Science

Through our patented Target Costing® approach, we eliminate costly re-engineering cycles—and your risk—by ensuring from the start that your space will perform and conform with your requirements.

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