Filling High-Tech Knowledge Gaps with Specialized Expertise

Working shoulder to shoulder with owner representative / project management firms in either a preconstruction, design assist, construction management or Leveraged Design-Build™ approach, we work to align design and construction objectives from project inception, to bring in the proper specialized subcontractor and consultant resources at the very best price for your client.

Highly specialized building projects like laboratories, fabs and cleanrooms represent great opportunity for owner representative / project management groups, but come with new challenges in constructability, cost, safety and compliance. The smallest oversight can mean excess costs and detrimental time overruns for your client.

Driven to serve the complex requirements of compliance-driven industries, we work collaboratively with owner representative / project management firms to fill in critical specialty knowledge gaps, ensure full compliance, and engage the right leveraged expertise at the right time in the project lifecycle.

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A Collaborative Partnership to Mitigate Risk on Your Project

With extensive design and construction experience, PROTECS brings to the table a robust track record of project delivery excellence in highly complex industries like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, R&D, high-tech manufacturing and commercial interiors. We leverage this knowledge when working collaboratively with and for our owner representative / project management partners, providing expertise to help them navigate the demands of these complex environments.

We understand and can identify all essential cost, performance and conformance requirements—and the potential pitfalls to avoid—to guarantee successful execution from the project start throughout its lifecycle.

We know how to deliver compliance-driven projects on time and in budget. Let our specialized expertise serve you, so you can better serve your high-tech clients.

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Deliver Your Projects at the Pace of Innovation

Learn how our highly collaborative Leveraged Design-Build™ approach enables you to guarantee performance, conformance, and cost containment for your client—removing risk for them, and for your own organization.

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Supplement Your Expertise with Our Specialized Knowledge

Informed by a depth of first-hand experience, our team of engineering-trained construction professionals will show you where and how to avoid the inherent risks when managing delivery of complex, regulated environments.

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