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Making your campus a place of breakthrough can attract the best and the brightest, generate revenue, and positively impact the community around you. But creating biotechnology/Nanotechnology/MEMs research facilities or campus-based health systems is far different than building a library or dormitory. Our evolved model for full service project delivery empowers universities to create state-of-the-art, specialized facilities for renowned researchers and doctors to call home.

As project efficiency experts specialized in delivering state-of-the-art research and healthcare facilities, we serve our university clients with unprecedented quality, speed and performance.

From an on-campus research center, to a state-of-the-art health system, we handle all of the university’s complex and compliance-driven project needs.


What Do We Bring to Universities & Healthcare Systems?

Your Standard of Excellence, Empowered by Ours

PROTECS’ Leveraged Product Delivery™ considers comprehensive project requirements from project inception, ensuring that your facility is designed and constructed to achieve your goals for competitiveness and excellence, and that all performance, conformance, aesthetic and budgetary objectives are met from project inception. The result? A facility that is state-of-the-art in form and in function.

Achieving Full Performance on Time

Your timeline is short, and your deadlines are critical. PROTECS’ Leveraged Project-Delivery™ unlocks parallel efficiencies between design and construction, empowering universities to compress their time-to-operation by up to 40% from industry averages.

Removing Risk from Client Shoulders

Through our Leveraged Project Delivery™ and construction management process, we are able to provide a guaranteed maximum price Very early on in the project life cycle; guaranteed performance of all building systems; and guaranteed facility conformance to all applicable regulations—virtually eliminating the risk of change orders and time overruns.

A Collaborative Approach to Project Delivery

Our highly leveraged model for partnering with A/E’s, subcontractors and vendors ensures that we can secure the highest quality services and equipment at the most cost-effective price. But that’s not all. By fostering a spirit of collaboration, our leveraged approach aligns all partners around a common goal.

The best students, doctors and researchers demand the best facilities—make sure that your project delivery partner sets the bar high. Learn more about Leveraged Design-Build™.

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Ensure Constructability at Project Inception

Leverage our Design-Assist and Preconstruction services to discern essential project requirements early on by understanding business drivers, objectives, constraints and targeted time-to-market.

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It’s Never Too Early to Talk to Us

In Leveraged Design-Build™, the earlier we can collaborate on your project, the more opportunity we have to optimize your time and cost savings. Tell us about your needs today, and we’ll get moving fast.

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