Collaboration to Build a Common Vision

While the clients and partners we work with are diverse, our goal in every engagement is the same: to identify, design, build and deliver spaces in a way that eliminates risk from their shoulders, and guarantees that their performance, time, and budget objectives are met.

To achieve this vision of project delivery excellence, we’ve developed an evolved model of engagement that we call Leveraged Design-Build™. With this highly transparent and collaborative approach, we are able to unify objectives to meet the needs of every constituent in the project lifecycle—whether they are a broker, landlord, developer, architect, engineer, project manager, construction manager, or the ultimate tenant or owner.

It Always Starts with the End Goal

A critical part of our Leveraged Design-Build™ approach is our patented Target Costing® project delivery system, which takes into account the functional and aesthetic requirements and performance desires of each space, in tandem with the end user’s overall business objectives related to budget, timeline, and business horizons—before design on the project even commences.

This allows us to identify critical performance, conformance, and cost sensitivities upfront, and work backward from those goals to develop a plan that ensures constructability and feasibility within the defined expectations. We work collaboratively with brokers, architects and engineers, landlords, and owners in this process to bring all partners onto the same page, and provide a unified foundation to build upon.

What’s Your Scenario?

  • Are you a displaced scientist seeking to spin out your own R&D lab facilities?
  • Are you are broker with an opportunity to place a high-tech tenant, but are not knowledgeable in their science or process requirements?
  • Are you managing a complex, compliance-driven project but are unsure of the pitfalls you may face?
  • Are looking to relocate your business but not sure of the square footage or utility infrastructure requirements to support your future growth and operations?
  • Have you acquired a high-tech real estate asset that is vacant and need to repurpose it and find the best strategy for adaptive reuse?
  • Are you outgrowing your space and need to restack your floor plan to accommodate new hires?

PROTECS is equipped to handle all of these challenges, and many more.

Learn How We Can Collaborate to Ensure Success