June 15, 2015

PROTECS Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Milestone celebration for applying an evolved model for project delivery excellence, engineered to service its clients’ evolving needs.

What do BIO International and PROTECS have in common? Well…much more than you may think. It was ten years ago this year when BIO held its annual conference in Philadelphia. And, it was ten years ago when PROTECS announced the formation of PROTECS in Philadelphia at BIO2005!

Building on over 50 years of combined experience serving the design, construction and facilities improvement needs of life science companies, PROTECS launched its unique blend of services to ‘Save Time, Mitigate Risk and Conserve Capital’ for all R&D facility-related needs.

Our streamlined Design-Build method and patented Target Costing® approach reduce the time from inception to build by 40% and guarantee the best possible cost for your project.

Now, ten years later, PROTECS continues to serve the needs of BIO’s members by mirroring its own business strategy: Outsourcing Expertise.

As the life science industry continues to evolve and mature, PROTECS has found it more and more common for companies to outsource critical components of their R&D process through the decentralization of campuses in favor of proximate locations to significant demand generators and human capital. In parallel with the life science industry’s evolution, PROTECS has transformed its business model to cater to the needs of this decentralized paradigm.

Over the past ten years, PROTECS has expanded its services to include Real Estate Consulting for developers and end users who need to rationalize former integrated campuses into successful LIVE-WORK-LEARN-PLAY communities. In addition, PROTECS has developed its own growing portfolio of multi-tenanted facilities to house the emerging community of life science entrepreneurs.

With three facilities and over 70,000 square feet, PROTECS maintains dozens of smallto mid-sized companies in its development portfolio. Through this intimate relationship with the end user, PROTECS is uniquely qualified to assist the R&D user with all aspects of the real estate and facilities life cycle including facility evaluation, test fits, budget development and strategic evaluation through construction management, commissioning and validation.

Finally, BIO and PROTECS have one more thing in common: they’ve both expanded nationally. It is not uncommon to find emerging life science companies choosing to stay where they start. Whether it is an affiliation with a sponsoring University or Research Center, or simply because they want to stay close to home, the life science industry is decentralizing. PROTECS has offices in four states and has performed projects across the entire United States in emerging and established markets.

Laboratory, office, manufacturing or packaging, PROTECS has you covered wherever YOU want to be.