December 14, 2022

PROTECS Innovation Center Empowers ANGLE’s Personalized Cancer Care

Helping Innovative Tenants Achieve Excellence

Plymouth Meeting, PA, December 14, 2022 – PROTECS is proud to highlight a preeminent, world-leading liquid biopsy company with operations in Guildford, UK and the Greater Philadelphia area.

With a mission to enable personalized cancer care by providing the best sample of the patient’s cancer from a simple blood test, ANGLE’s Clinical Laboratories are managed by a multidisciplinary team of clinical and scientific experts who together have over 50 years’ experience working with circulating tumor cells (CTCs).

Being founded in 1994 and having 170 employees globally, ANGLE plc is leading the way with its patented CTC enrichment technology called Parsortix®. The Parsortix® PC1 Clinical System is the first FDA cleared medical device for the capture and harvest of CTCs from metastatic breast cancer patient blood for user-validated, subsequent analysis.

“The Parsortix® CTC system is a next generation liquid biopsy technology. From a simple blood draw, the system enriches to provide intact cancer cells, which provides a real-time sample for subsequent analyses by standard laboratory techniques,” said Madeline Repollet, ANGLE’s Head of Clinical Laboratories.

“The PROTECS Innovation Center is conveniently located in Plymouth Meeting, easily accessible from major roads and airports, and neatly situated in a quiet, beautiful natural environment. This has allowed us to hire valuable experts from distant locations as well as from closer areas,” she said.

Parsortix® technology and its associated assays have the potential to be used throughout the cancer care pathway to provide clinicians with individualized, up-to-date, and clinically actionable insight into every patient’s cancer. This could enable patients to receive timely, personalized treatment and improve clinical outcomes.

“The location of the PROTECS Innovation Center offers easy accessibility to delivery companies like FedEx, UPS and USPS, ensuring prompt receipt of patient samples, reagents, equipment, and other supplies. The Center has been extremely collaborative and has provided us assistance with the design and construction of laboratory and office spaces which was required for the state-of-the-art facilities and ensured a modern, efficient, safe, and compliant work environment,” said Madeline.

ANGLE’s Clinical Laboratories provide a combination of standard and novel services. A typical day in the ANGLE laboratory/office includes planning of experiments, processing of samples, data analysis, equipment maintenance and validations, all managed through a robust quality system. All these processes are performed in collaboration with our site in Guildford, UK. 

“Our Innovation Centers are carefully designed to help leading life sciences and high-tech companies, just like ANGLE, achieve their own goals. PROTECS was founded to support the fast-paced sectors of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices to promote R&D in a collaborative environment. We understand their science and facility requirements which translates to lease space they can exploit to be successful. We guide our tenants and clients efficiently through the regulatory and operational complexities to a facility solution that conforms and performs to specifications at a price point that won’t break the bank,” said Christopher DiPaolo, President & CEO of PROTECS.

PROTECS Innovation Centers™ are the ultimate reflection of serving the life sciences and high-tech sectors that showcase PROTECS’ true commitment to giving innovation its space to grow and transforming the speed, cost effectiveness and quality of project delivery.


ANGLE’s Clinical Laboratories provide clinical testing services to Biopharma customers. These services include development of new assays tailored to the drug targets and subsequent processing of clinical trial samples.  The laboratories offer innovative services by utilizing the FDA cleared and an extremely versatile platform, the Parsortix® PC1 Clinical System as the basis of all assay development. Our high-quality approach ensures excellent assay performance and data integrity. For more information, please visit


PROTECS is a leading, innovative full-service project and construction management company focused on serving the hi-tech regulated market sectors. For more than 17 years, PROTECS has provided its clients a broad range of leveraged services in a collaborative construction management and design/build approach by collaborating with best-in-class architecture/engineering firms from project inception to occupancy. Through PROTECS’ patented Target Costing® delivery methodology, the company acts as a single point of contact and accountability for master planning, site selection, design, construction, commissioning and validation. As part of this delivery approach, PROTECS takes on the risk to guarantee performance, conformance, compliance and cost to ensure all its clients’ strategic objectives and goals are met. For more information, please visit

About PROTECS Innovation Centers

PROTECS Innovation Centers™, totaling 190,000 square feet of lab and office space, are specialized with the infrastructure to effectively and efficiently support the research and development operations of innovative companies in life sciences and high-tech. Designed to help innovators achieve their own secured high-end laboratory and office space in a cost-effective model that includes shared common amenities, PROTECS Innovation Centers™ are the ultimate reflection of PROTECS’ competencies in serving the life sciences and high-tech sectors—and the company’s commitment to giving innovation its space to grow. For more information, visit

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